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Are you inspired to write story? Or have a question to ask. It could be anything, an incident that changed your life, a moment that shook your perspective, a trip to remember or a decision that made you the person you are. Or have any doubt or want to know about anything.

Tell us, we're all ears.

The HostMyStory.com is a community of writers from different walk of life. Someone with immense experience or someone with new ideas or someone with lot of doubts. HostMyStory provides a platform to the writer in you to reach out and contribute pieces of writing. Being on HostMyStory.com can be a fresh and the best way to getting started. We help you getting recognised & becoming a successful published writer. Or you can just share your experience or ask a question. We encourage you to write and share whatever you feel. We help the unknown in you to be known and get acknowledged.

If you are a casual writer, this platform welcomes you to share your views too.

For readers we provide a platform of knowledge & entertainment. We maintain different categories of articles and blogs on different subject lines through which readers can select the appropriate category to read. And for curious people who are finding answers to their questions we provide a community that has more than one answer to each question you have in your mind.

There are lots things that you can do on HostMyStory.com. So what are you waiting for start sharing.