Java -The Object Oriented Language

Java -The Object Oriented Language

It is not only a Programming language it also is a platform. Java is a Object Oriented Language and the underlying structure of all jav program is classes.

Anything in java program must be Encapsulated in a classes that define the state and behaviour of the basic program component know as objects.

class syntex:

	Class class_name
	[field declaration;]
	[method declaration;]

Concept of  Object – Oriented Programming :

Object – oriented programming is an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and functions that can be used as templates for creating copies of such modules on demand. Object oriented programming is programming methodology where the main emphasis is given on the object or the data and not on the functions or operations that operate on data.



  • Object is basic run time entities.
  • Object is an instance of class.
  • Any things which exist in real world formed as an object.



  • Class is a conceptual part of an object.
  • Class is the place where we defined properties nature and behaviour of an object.
  • Class is the collection of similar types of an object.
  • Class is an abstract data type and also uses to create user defined type data.


Data Encapsulation

  • Data Encapsulation is the process to wrapping up data and its functional unit into single unit.  Its providing us the concept of data hiding.


Data Abstraction

  •  Data abstraction refers to an act to represent essential information without presenting its background detail.




  •     An object which can represent himself in more than one form, but the behaviour of changing form are depends on input.

    For example: water and milk.

  • We can achieve the polymorphism in two ways:
  • Compile Time Polymorphism / Static Binding / Early Binding.
  • Run Time Polymorphism / Dynamic Binding / Late Binding.



  • To the process of inheritance we can reuse the object which is already created.
  • Its provide the concept of reusability of an object.

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