This song can make your day..

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When we are happy we enjoy the music... But, when we are sad we understand the lyrics... 

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  • Manish Singh

    01-Apr-2018 11:29

    I love this song. It's beautiful, There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved

  • Shilpi Garg

    01-Apr-2018 11:41

    I have seen this movie. Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.

  • Vaishali Mishra

    01-Apr-2018 13:02

    Stop talking abt this chutiyapa... It's very easy to make big talk... Enjoy the music ????????

  • Vaishali Mishra

    01-Apr-2018 13:12

    And  listen... Love is not abt  other's happiness, happiness can change according to the tym and situation.. "but true unconditional luv is everlasting.."  

  • Manish Singh

    01-Apr-2018 07:23

    Yes everyone likes to speak and yes I am enjoying both of music and also chutiyapa..

  • Vaishali Mishra

    01-Apr-2018 08:39

    You know what, crowd runs on the simple path... Choose a different way to make your own identity... Focus on your own job not others... Dear 

  • Shubham Mahajan

    02-Apr-2018 08:41


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