Whisper of Love Birds

Whisper of Love Birds

Dear Anurag Srivastava & Sonal Mahajan..        I being unlucky to miss out witnessing golden moment of you holding the hands of one another yet another time with a official knot.

So here it is small note from my side...

Though it is imaginary on my side but with the real wording, i hope you will feel yourself in this.

Anurag to Sonal

Hey dear you know what how happy i am. It is difficult to wrap up the feel of being yours forever into words but still i try.

The best thing i did in my ife was to give my heart a beat of you. Through this journey, you stood beside me as rock as Gibralter. On thin days, you ensured your constant support while you enjoyed the postitive vibes in my life on thick days. Do you want to know when i started actually loving you? The only time i started loving you was the time i felt the fragrance of your presence which always reminded me that my world could only bloom up with this fragrance.

You know what feel of being imprisoned by you will take me to a story telling where all words would be whisper of my heart. Every sentence would be the confession of my heart.

Every paragraph would depict the romantic phase of my heart. Did you every wonder why I fall short of words to speak to you when I find myself besides you. It is because my heart always try to match the rhythm of your heart and I becomes speechless. This silence of mine is to listen all the noises your heart wave out.

O God's best version of drafted beauty, o Ms creation of eternal cuteness, o Ms voice of melted honey, how much time you will impress me. Every time I think of you I get trapped by you a level up. You are the prisoner to make me play on your sugar dipped sweetness The gesture of your eyes bloom up like petals of rose come out of it's stigma when it is searching what my eyes is up to.

My eyes always measures the depth of love your eyes behold and want to get sunk into it. To get sunk so deep that it could get trapped into your world. My eyes become liar when it sees the world's out of yours. It finds all the truth hidden beneath your beautiful eyes. When you whisper o dear what you are looking at me like this. That sounds so lyrical that I remain glued to scan your beautiful timelessly.

Anurag to Sonal

Anurag to Sonal sory sorry note

What a sigh of relief it is when my mob beep up to listen that our marriage is finally scheduled. All the way long years wait came to end when i was to sound lyrical with the song composed by you. The song that always tickles me to remind all the beautiful memories. Your presence in my life is like a fresh begining every second.


You said you started loving me when you felt the presence of mine. But have you ever thought when i actually started loving you. O C'mon i never loved you and won't in future too. It is because you being a symbol of love for me should not be loved infact it need to be nurtured.

I nurtured it like a small baby who needs love, love and just the love. My love you know i am less expressive in words. At last but not the least, i pray God to be your lifeline in coming all the birth. Though i am falling short of words, just look beside you. O C'mon it is not the surprise. Infact i will always be besides you, my dear.


PS: Sorry for not attending your Marriage. Sorry for uploading this personal pic of yours from your timeline. Being on sorry side for all aspect, i am pretty sure, this post of mine would do a bit justice to bring smile on your face. 

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